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Nouha Deliou

Mona's Scrapbook Adventure

Mona's Scrapbook Adventure

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Come on an adventure with Mona as she helps her big sister, Layla, prepare for her wedding. This book has it all: sibling bonding, creating memories and tasting yummy cake! Layla and Mona create a scrapbook full of all their memories to help you learn about the North African culture and traditions of Algeria. You will learn about the joyous sound of ululation, henna parties and the beautiful intricate dresses. There are also extra pages for you to decorate your own scrapbook designs!

  • Paperback
  • 60 Pages
  • ISBN:9780578335179
  • Written by Nouha Deliou
  • Illustrated by Kadhima Tung
  • Ages 4+

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