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Hands On Arabic Copy Book

Hands On Arabic Copy Book

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Dive into a world of colourful letters and engaging activities designed for kids aged 3 and up.

🎈 With our copy book, your child can practice writing each letter over and over again, helping them master their handwriting skills. 🖋️✨

✨ Unlocking the magic of the Arabic alphabet with every trace!

🌟 Let the little ones embark on a journey of learning and creativity with this enchanting groove book. 📚

🖋️ Watch as the ink disappears, leaving endless opportunities to explore and practice those beautiful letters.

🧙‍♂️✍️ Learning made fun, one groove at a time! 🌈📖

🖊️ Read. Write. Repeat 🖊️

Each book comes with one pen + 4 refills. 

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