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Eid Adhesive Coloring Poster

Eid Adhesive Coloring Poster

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Need to keep the little ones entertained during your Eid gatherings? We've got you covered! Let them color, search, play, and even use it as a festive banner!

This coloring roll is also an adhesive poster, featuring a board game and a "look and find" challenge. The illustration, by artist Doha Koma, captures the fun and joy of Eid, starting with pre-celebration activities like baking sweets and applying henna. The festive morning includes prayers, gift-giving, and lots of laughter. Amidst the festivities, kids can play with balloons and lanterns, while a shepherd keeps watch over his flock. Eid is all about togetherness, and families and friends can continue the fun at an amusement park, complete with cone hats, ice cream, and colorful flags waving in the air.

This kit includes:
3 Adhesive Coloring Posters; size 150 cm x 21 cm each
6 Coloring Pencils with a Sharpener
4 Wooden Pawns and a Die
Game Instruction Sheet
Perforated lines every 50 cm for easy separation

Age: 4+

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