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Design a Masjid

Design a Masjid

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Unleash your creativity and design skills with the Design a Masjid Box. Invite your family to a hands-on experience in creating a range of different patterns of a Masjid using 10 wooden walls.

In this box, you will find:

  • Instructional Sheet with informative content, visual illustrated steps, and a tutorial video in three languages (English, French, and Arabic)

  • 4 paint markers with fine tip

  • 10 wooden walls with different architecture designs. We used well known mosque patterns on one side to guide you while you paint and kept the backside plain. This design is aimed in using both sides to create your own style!

  • String light to insert through the windows to light up the Masjid.

  • String bag to store the Masjid in a sustainable way for the next occasion.

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