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Arabic Phonics Pink Series Workbook - Step 2

Arabic Phonics Pink Series Workbook - Step 2

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A Gateway to Early Arabic Reading Success!

Arabic Phonics: The Pink Series is an engaging and comprehensive learning resource designed to empower young learners on their journey to reading Arabic. With a focus on building a solid foundation, this book provides a vibrant and interactive approach to language acquisition.

In this book, your child will take their first steps into the world of reading Arabic. Through the introduction of the three harakaat (vowels) and the three tanween (double vowels), the Pink series unlocks the key to pronunciation and brings the letters to life. With these essential tools, your child will confidently navigate their way through the Arabic language.

As your child progresses, "Arabic Phonics: Pink Series" goes beyond individual letters and introduces the exciting concept of blending simple words. This allows young readers to form sentences and comprehend basic Arabic texts. Each page offers a delightful learning experience, immersing children in a colorful and engaging environment that nurtures their Arabic vocabulary.

What sets Arabic Phonics: Pink Series apart is its unique approach, combining education and entertainment seamlessly. By providing an enjoyable and interactive learning experience, this book captures your child's attention and ensures a positive engagement with the Arabic language.

Give your child the gift of early reading success with Arabic Phonics: Pink Series. Watch as they develop their language skills, gain confidence, and build a solid foundation for future Arabic learning endeavours. Start their journey today and set them on the path to lifelong language proficiency.

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