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No One Sees Me

No One Sees Me

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'No One Sees Me' by Wasan Altikriti
“No One Sees Me: Written By Wasan Altikriti” is a mini-chapter book that tells the story of a young boy Noah, who’s on a mission to raise funds for a refugee school. He’s been sneaking money for days, and has collected almost all the money required. 

But things go wrong one afternoon when his secret is discovered. What will Noah do now that he’s in trouble with his parents? And will he ever collect the money needed to help open the refugee school before Ramadan? 
The book is written in engaging, thought provoking, child-friendly language and contains vibrant illustrations. There is a dedicated reflections section with questions to enable you to have an open discussion with your child. There is also a section on ‘What To Do When Children Lie or Steal’ written by Dr Hanna Ghannoum, a renowned parenting coach who has a Ph.D. in Early Childhood Education. 
The author, Wasan Altikriti is a mother of two, a journalist, youth mentor and educator with a particular focus on early years education. 
Illustrated by Elmira Galyautdinoa 
Edited by Yacoob Manjoo 
Text Design & Layout by Nesma Hassan (Hawa Design)
ISBN: 978-1739784706
Published By Wasan's Books
Perfect Paperback: 86 pages
Reading Age: 4yrs and above
Language: English

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