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The Dream Dua Journal for kids: My secret plan to live life by Dua (paperback)

The Dream Dua Journal for kids: My secret plan to live life by Dua (paperback)

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Inspire little hearts with big dreams to make even bigger Duas.

Kids will harness their own superpower of Dua

The journal takes your child on adventures of dream discovery where they'll learn about Allah's unlimited power, love, and 
promise to make it all happen.

Exciting illustrations & engaging activities
Filled with true stories of answered Duas in fantastical ways, the journal engages children to reflect, design, and act upon Duas beyond their wildest imagination.

Develop a strong bond with Allah through hope, positivity, & shukr

Inspire habits of thankfulness and mindfulness of Allah - all rocket boosters to accelerate Duas. The journal teaches about manners of Dua, the Names of Allah, faith and tawakkul.

Based on the famous Visionaire Program taught by Muhammad Alshareef

Every Ramadan since 2013, Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef (founder of DiscoverU) inspires hundreds of Muslims to 
change the trajectory of their lives with the power of Dream Duas.

See Visionaire is about 
being a kid again in front of Allah and asking for your deepest desires. While adults need help getting back in touch with their inner child (their creativity and imagination) - children already have a head start.

Inside "My Dream Dua Journal"
  • Visionaire Bear guides the reader on how to best use the journal throughout the journey
  • True stories of Dream Duas submitted by real kids - accompanied by rich illustrations
  • Engaging activities to work through each step of the Visionaire Formula (coloring, drawing, puzzles & reflective questions)
  • Lessons extracted from the lives of the Prophets and people of the past
  • Introduction to the Names & Attributes of Allah and how to interact with them through Dua
  • Breakdown of Dua rocket boosters to accelerate manifestation like manners, special times, faith, mindfulness and thankfulness.

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